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There are various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Ethiopia among which the ‘Idir’ is a social and financial traditional institution widespread both in urban and rural areas of the country. Idirs play a crucial role in providing solutions to social and economic challenges people face. It is an association established among neighbors or employees to raise funds to be used in emergency situations, such as death within these groups and their families. These informal associations guarantee that everyone is taken care of in times of need through participatory and enabling means.

In order to strengthen our local connection in Kilinto, we supported 12 Idirs nearby to our Kilinto Brewery. This was done through the purchase of tents, chairs, cooking utensils, and loud speakers with its accessories which costs over 750,000 birr. Over 360 people from different Idirs and the local administration were part of the handover event along with our media partners. We were filled with pride when we saw the gratitude by members of the community

As a results members of the community confirmed that they are strong partners of our brewery and in fact said ‘we will be the protectors of your brewery, you don’t need a wall’. We also had a media coverage was extensive. Local government officials were on hand to see how we support communities and demonstrate ‘Walking the Talk’.

Beyond helping the community to own necessary materials that will be used during the loss of relatives, the support was an opportunity to showcase our real concern to the community when it comes to our principle “Growing with Ethiopia”. We were able to identify Stakeholder Champions for this community and learning- frequent event and meeting with the community is important to understand the actual feeling of the community towards our brewery and brands.

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