HEINEKEN Ethiopia with its brands Walia, Bedele, Harar, and Heineken is one of the leading brewers in Ethiopia and belongs to the HEINEKEN Group, which is the most international brewer in the world.

The Heineken Company is famous worldwide for its brands, its people, its actions and mostly for its spirit. Heineken believes talent and ambition are not enough to succeed- we also need to be sociable and curious. We need to be explorers and adventurers, but most of all pioneers, who not only break new ground but leave their mark.

Our careers are journey paved with richness, accomplishments, and a few beers and ciders with friends or strangers along the way. And with more than 250 brands in 70 markets, there are endless opportunities to shoot for the top! HEINEKEN Ethiopia is a young and fast growing Company with job opportunities, mostly coming in Commerce and Supply Chain. We also provide job opportunities in our business support functions including Corporate Affairs, Finance, Legal, and Human Resource.

HEINEKEN’s aim is to grow with Ethiopia, empowering its employees to be the best at what they do – every day! We will continue to excite our consumers and grow our brands to make them the most preferred in the country.

We love developing our people because we get energy from it ourselves. We are role models in terms of our behaviors and we are always ambassadors of our company.

We are committed to developing a culture that fosters a “Can Do” way of working , which is a key part of our behaviors. In Heineken we have 5 core behaviors, that include

Put Safety First! Safety goes beyond the brewery gates – it is for all of us, all of the time. At the end of every day we want to go home safe and well. Taking care of ourselves and those around us is always our top priority.

Act as an Entrepreneur: We are passionate about our company. We always take responsibility and act as if we are owners. We want to win and we keep looking for opportunities to grow our business, for today and tomorrow.

Collaborate through Trust: We always think of ‘we’ before ‘me’. We believe in the power that comes from our relationships and working together for a common goal. All our leadership teams set the example for this alignment.

Keep it Simple: We make things simple internally so that we can focus where it matters – winning in the market place. When things are simple they are easier to explain, operate and more likely to work. Better done than perfect.

Learn, to Improve: We are open-minded and eager to learn. We keep moving forward without forgetting the lessons of the past. We value experience, data and insights as vital business assets. Our individual learning drives business success.

These behaviors serve as a guide to our day-to-day interactions with our colleagues and partners, and each of them reflect our aim to be the most impactful and responsible organization in the Beer industry.