Buckler Launch

Buckler Launch Buckler is the first non-alcoholic beer in Ethiopia! Made from a blend of wheat and barley recipe, it has a full taste of real beer without the alcohol. We launched it in May, 2015 by having various public sampling events in offices (a lunch...

2nd Round Beer Fest

2nd Round Beer Fest Another exciting beer fest on May 30/31 @tropical gardens! Walia and our other brands bringing excitement and enjoyment to consumers. Always Enjoy Responsibly!

Assela Farmer’s Award

Recognizing and Motivating Farmers To recognize and motivate the farmers, we invited our media partners from radio, TV, print and organized an award program. The best farmers were recognized for volume of supply, quality, contract compliance, application...

Employee Local Sourcing Trip

Employee Local Sourcing Trip Staff from Harar, Bedele, Kilinto and Central Office visited with farmers from our local sourcing project in Assela and Shashemene. It was important for staff to better understand and see the project and the progress of the...

Bedele Hospital Handover

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation and Bedele Brewery fund new wing for Ethiopian hospital On 8th October, the Bedele District Hospital celebrated the inauguration of a new maternal hospital wing in the Ethiopian district of Bedele. Thanks to the funding of this...

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