Sustainability – Taking Care of our Environment

After building our Kilinto Brewery, Phase I & II, we became aware that community members and media don’t have the full picture of our investments, process, and discharge related to Waste Water Treatment Plant. We put together with the relevant stakeholdersto see with their own eyes our state of the art Waste Water Treatment Plant and more importantly, we had the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency present to verify that our process and effluent meet the legal standards of the Ethiopian EPA laws.

We have invested over 176 million birr in the WWTP and this kind of investment and technology is the first of its kind in Ethiopia. We invited over 30 media members from TV/Radio/Newspaper to attend and cover the event and optimized the event to strengthen media relations as well. Community members and Government officials were also invited to speak as our partners since they have been working with us from the start of Kilinto Phase I and verify our effluent compliance.We also took the opportunity not only to talk about the WWTP but to highlight Brew aBetter World achievements, our ‘Growing with Ethiopia’ story and our close ties with communities in other parts of the country.

At the end we got extensive media coverage on TV, Radio and Newspaper; positive feedback from external stakeholders; for both media and community residents, it was an opportunity to raise awareness of how much we have invested and that we “walk the talk” when it comes to our values and Brew a Better World  and also valued the opportunity of the tour and seeing was believing.

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