The Walia New Year Bottle and Expedition

Addis Ababa, August 5th 2015 – Walia Beer launches the Walia New Year Bottle and the Walia Expedition!

This Walia expedition is the first of its kind in Ethiopia. Walia as the main sponsor of the EthiopianNational Football Teamis going to surprise and excite 200 Walia consumers by flying them to Seychelles to watch the upcoming African Cup of Nations qualifier game at Mahe Island on September 5th 2015.

The flight will be on a Walia branded Ethiopian Airline Dreamliner airbus!

So who are the lucky 200 consumers who will be part of this exciting Walia Expedition? As from this week Walia will start selling the New Year Bottle and consumers will find their luckin the unique Happy New Year Walia bottle cork indicated with a football visual on the inside.

The lucky winners will have a 2 days stay at the Coral Strands Hotel.

The inspiration for the Walia Expedition comes from building on our tradition of exciting and surprising our consumers for the Ethiopian New Year. This tradition started last year with the launch of Walia which was introduced through the ‘Melkam Addis Amet’ label.  “The brand has since enjoyed tremendous acceptance from consumers and subsequent market growth” says Marketing Manager Rita Tsehai

Walia as the main sponsor of the Ethiopian National Football Team believes the team is strong in tradition, rich in heritage but young, forward looking and energetic like our own brand, company and country.

HEINEKEN Breweries S.C. also takes this opportunity to announce expansion of production capacity of our brewery located in Kilinto Akaki to meet market demand.  This expansion is in line with our commitment to grow with Ethiopia.

On this occasion, Walia Beerwould like to acknowledge the great support from football fans in Ethiopia and abroad in supporting the Ethiopian National Football Team.

We want to thank our consumers for their confidence in Walia in the last year, as we are focused on supplying our 100% barley quality product and will continue to surprise them.

We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you on the Walia Expedition!



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