150 years of Heineken


On 15 February Gerard Adrian Heineken buys De Hooiberg (‘the Haystack’) brewery in Amsterdam. An entrepreneurial Innovator and one of the most successful businessmen of his time, he found the business based on the values they are still present today: Enjoyment, Respect, and Passion for quality.


Gerard Adriaan Heineken Switches from traditional top Fermentation to the Bavarian method of bottom fermentation. This new technique produces a clearer, purer beer, referred to as ‘Gentleman’s Beer’.


Doctor Elion, a student of Louis Pasteur, develops the Heineken® A-yeast strain. This unique, top-secret yeast is still used today to give Heineken® its characteristic flavor.


At the World Fair, to which the newly constructed Eiffel tower marks the entrance, Heineken® is awarded the ‘Diplome de Grand prix’, honoring it as the world’s best beer.


HEINEKEN imports its first beer into Africa.


First brewery in Africa DRC


HEINEKEN completes its first international acquisition of the Brasserie Leopold in Brussels.


Production of bottled beer begins enabling HEINEKEN to offer an even greater guarantee of beer quality.


Heineken® beer is the first imported beer in the USA, three days after prohibition is lifted.


Entering Nigeria


With a passionate belief in brands and marketing, Alfred Heineken begins a radical modernization of the company. He once said, “Had I not been a brewer, I would have been an advertising man.” This year, branded Heineken® bottles of beer go on sale, putting branding at the forefront.


On New Year’s Day 1968, Heineken® broadcasts its first television commercial in the Netherlands, the first beer company in the country to do so. Later that year HEINEKEN acquires Amstel, its major domestic rival.


The original HEINEKEN brewery in Amsterdam brews its last beer. In 1991, the site of the brewery is converted into an interactive attraction dedicated to the world of HEINEKEN. It is renamed the Heineken Experience in 2001.


First local sourcing in Nigeria.


The Heineken Africa Foundation, designed to support and enhance the improvement of health for people in sub-Saharan Africa, is established.


Acquisition of Harar and Bedele breweries in Ethiopia.


Opening of Kilinto brewery in Ethiopia.

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