What Is “Brewing a Better World”?

Brewing a Better World is Heineken’s long term, integrated approach to creating genuine shared value for all our stakeholders




Water Resources

Water is vital for life and critical for the well-being of the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. Further, it makes up 95% of our finished product.


Local Sourcing

As global demand for food continues to grow, responsible agriculture and sourcing has never been more important.




Partnership with Communities

We are partners for growth in Ethiopia. We want to ensure that our success as a business helps the communities and societies in which we operate.


Health & Safety

Keeping our employees healthy and safe remains our top priority, and it requires a systematic long-term approach. Our Safety Heroes Program aims to create a strong safety culture, improve safety behaviour and minimize accidents.


Responsible Consumption

HEINEKEN has a long history of encouraging responsible consumption and we take this role seriously


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