Globally at Heineken, people are our greatest assets. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our business results. Therefore, Heineken commits itself to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, contractors working on its premises and for those hired by Heineken further along the supply chain. Heineken has embedded employee health and safety in its culture. ‘Put safety first’ is the first behaviours in green print to win strategy where we promote to lead by example, demonstrating safe behavior in everything we do, make sure that all jobs and journeys are carried out safely and promote the safe and responsible enjoyment of our beers. At the end of every day, we want to go home safe and well. Taking care of ourselves and those around us is always our top priority in Heineken breweries SC Ethiopia. We are committed and working to continuously improve the safety culture throughout our operation either in breweries, roads or in office. Not only own employee, the company extends its safety and safe way of working for contractors and visitors working with it. The company also continuously assess and incorporate the legal requirement of the country.

HEINEKEN Breweries SC Ethiopia will comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety beside implementation of its own standards and procedures.

In order to improve its safety culture and helps everyone to return home safely, Lifesaving rules were launch and embedded in all sites

Heineken developed lifesaving rules from:

  • Analysis of all fatal accidents occurred in HEINEKEN in the last 15 years unsafe behaviours which caused the events and safe behaviours which could have prevented the fatal accident.
  • External benchmarking Implementation of life saving rules in other companies.
  • Collaboration with Behavioral Studies – University of Milano (Italy) and Massachusetts (USA)