Responsible Consumption

As one of the leading brewers, responsible consumption is a key focus area as part of our sustainability agenda. Beer is a natural product enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It is and can be part of a balanced lifestyle when consumed responsibly. We actively promote the enjoyment of beer in moderation with a campaign called “BeLik, BeAgbab, BeHalafinet,” which roughly translates to “In moderation, appropriately, with responsibility.”

We have started working with University and Driving School students to raise the awareness of what it means to Enjoy Responsibly. The BeLik logo is on all our billboards and print advertisements, along with alcohol content on our brands and that it is not sold to younger than 18 years of age. Our responsible consumption message is to drink in moderation, at the right time, in the right place for the right reasons.
For our employees we have the Cool @ Work program which is a deliberate program of awareness creation and actions that help employees ensure Responsible Consumption of alcohol and prevention of harm to themselves and others in the work place by avoiding misuse and abuse.

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